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Soon the first novel will be published at Boutrup Design.

'Desmontia - the evil out there' is a completely unique novel that juxtaposes the genre of fantasy with the action novel and the first person novel.

Desmontia is the name of an underground universe. The entrance to Desmontia is found in the woods in Jeksen Dalen, which is located 15 kilometers south west of Aarhus in Denmark, If you wish, you can travel to Denmark and find the entrance to Desmontia. Down in Desmontia live the Desmontians. These are some individuals that are somewhat smaller than humans, look exactly the same except that the men have brown eyes, while the women have blue eyes. The leader of the pack is the uncrowned queen, spiritual protector and at the same time a kind of vulnerable guardian angel for the desmontians. The Desmontians are very peaceful people who are not capable of harming others. They just want to live in peace, but in reality the desmontians are an oppressed people who live at the mercy of Hadisos. Hadisos is a terrible despot who undermines goodness with the means of evil. He usesa spell to hold the desmontians in an iron grip. He tries by all means to fight Deamore so that he can gain full power over Desmontia and thus reduce the Desmontians to slavery in his evil world. This is the world Martin ends up in and it is in this world that the whole story unfolds.

Parallel to the action of the novel, the main character goes through a personal development process throughout the novel.

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